Martial arts Dean Street Dining Smoking Portraits Colours of Spring

Martial arts

Dean Street Designs visited a series of martial arts schools in the Horsham and Crawley areas of West Sussex

Dean Street Dining

The Dean Street Dining series showcases the independent restaurants of Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho

Smoking Portraits

A series of portraits of smokers

Colours of Spring

Well after a long wet winter, spring is here and we are getting used to sunny skies and longer brighter evening.

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Dean Street Designs

Photography and design are real passions for us, the art of photography is an ancient and ever evolving one. In recent times there has been an explosion in creativity with amazing images routinely being taken and shared with the world. The images you see here are special to us and will hopefully give you a sense of the world we live in and the work we do within it. Images will be added as often as we can take them and when we feel we have something particularly special to share.


Dean Street Designs

Adventures in design and photography

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21st May 2016


This week I met with Ona to get some portraits for me and hopefully some profile images for her portfolio, the weather wasn’t ideal for an outdoor shoot, windy and...

18th May 2016


Met up with Rowan for a shoot, Rowan wanted to try some different looks so bought a wide selection of outfits to use. In the end we only had the...

27th Apr 2016

Joe Slater

I was recently commissioned, following a selection process involving a large number of other photographers, to shoot some press shots for a young singer/songwriter. Joe Slater is an extremely talented...

13th Feb 2016

White Crane Academy

Continuing the Dean Street Designs series featuring local martial arts clubs in the Crawley and Horsham area I visited the Horsham White Crane Academy to see and capture some images...

11th Feb 2016

Going Underground

Over the last few months I’ve found myself at various different underground stations in London. Each one is fascinating in its own right, they each have different a different look,...

30th Jan 2016


I met up with Conan again for another shoot and I have updated the images to include the most recent shots. I decided to add some of the colour images...

25th Jan 2016


Another portrait shoot, this time the location was a little different, rather than the urban shoots I would usually do this series was shot at Southbourne Lake. The model for...

23rd Jan 2016


This is the second shoot using someone I contacted through Model Mayhem, Kush was looking for someone who could get some interesting images. As it turns out the weather was...

16th Jan 2016


I’ve decided to focus on portraiture this year, with that in mind I signed up for the website Model Mayhem. This is the first shoot that has come from signing...

08th Jan 2016

Chorus Girl live at the Lexington

Chorusgirl are a very talented group whose leading singer is a friend from work, although I’ve known Silvie for a long time but was not aware how talented a musician...

29th Dec 2015

Saltdean Seascapes

Landscape photography is a difficult discipline and one that I have not really spent too much time on, in an effort to improve I spent some time at Saltdean working...

01st Dec 2015

The Musicians

Maybe the start of a new series of portraits if I can encourage enough musicians to take part. The first two images are of my friend Nick, a very talented...

14th Sep 2015

Killer Noir

I’m starting a new portrait series, partially inspired by the film Bunraku, partially inspired by Quentin Tarantino and partially inspired by an image I couldn’t get out of my head,...

16th Aug 2015
Shades of Grey

Street Shooting

Being somewhat creatively bereft at the moment with no projects and a little bit of a block on what to do next, I went back to the streets to try...

07th Aug 2015

The Thirst

Took a stroll around to do some street photography and came across a fantastic band playing near Oxford Circus. Please check out The Thirst they sound fantastic live.

29th Jul 2015


A couple of days spent by the sea could easily have turned into a couple of weeks were it not for responsibility and the ever present need for money. I...

10th Jun 2015

Mundesley – one year on

Last year we took a week off to go to Norfolk, visiting the quaint coastal village of Mundesley. Despite the best efforts of the British weather we had a great...

14th May 2015

Food from 40 Dean Street

Following on from our photoshoot taken as part of the Dean Street Dining series, Dean Street Designs was commissioned to take images of food for 40 Dean Street. Below you...

17th Apr 2015
By the sea

Ferring by the sea

Time is a luxury item most of us cannot afford to buy these days, so when the opportunity presents itself to spend time doing something you love you have to...

19th Mar 2015
Emily Lee

Emily Lee

I took half a day off to go on a solo photo walk along the south bank of the Thames, I set out to take some long exposure images of...