Reflections on water Colours of Spring

Reflections on water

This is the start of a new series of black and white images of reflections on the surface of water

Colours of Spring

Well after a long wet winter, spring is here and we are getting used to sunny skies and longer brighter evening.

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Photography and design are real passions for us, the art of photography is an ancient and ever evolving one. In recent times there has been an explosion in creativity with amazing images routinely being taken and shared with the world. The images you see here are special to us and will hopefully give you a sense of the world we live in and the work we do within it. Images will be added as often as we can take them and when we feel we have something particularly special to share.


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17th Apr 2014
Colours of Spring

Colours of Spring

Well after a long wet winter, spring is here and we are getting used to sunny skies and longer brighter evenings. I love spring, I think it is my favourite...

31st Mar 2014
Reflections on Water

Reflections on Water

This is the start of a new series of black and white images of reflections on the surface of water. The idea is to create a series of tranquil images,...

31st Mar 2014


My work have seen fit to give me a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4, I am guessing that it is not supposed to be for taking pictures but with the...

26th Feb 2014

Candid Commuters

Over the past few months I have been steadily building up a collection of candid commuter shots, extremely easy when you are commuting 4 hours a day into one of...

31st Jan 2014

Tim Clinch – Interiors Workshop

As a birthday present from my lovely wife, I went to the Shelley’s Hotel in Lewes to spend a day photographing interiors under the watchful, hugely experienced, eye of Tim...

12th Jan 2014
No Way Out

No Way Out at the Hen & Chicken

2014 is here, the end of the year was pretty hectic too many things to get sorted out before the end of 2013 and nowhere near enough time to do....

06th Nov 2013
Taken on HTC Desire HD edited in Aviary app


I’d always been a bit dismissive of the camera on my phone, for some reason the fact that it was eight times more powerful than my first digital camera didn’t...

31st Oct 2013

Past and Presents…

I recently bought myself a Pentax Super ME 35mm SLR as a treat, the idea being that because each picture has a cost attached I will take more time to...

24th Oct 2013
The Path

A Mixed Bag

This series is a bit of a mixed bag, it is all black and white but there is some street, some landscape and some abstract. It is all about experimentation....

03rd Oct 2013
Going Up

Street and Cityscapes

I took an afternoon trip to Canary Wharf, I don’t think I have ever seen anywhere busier even Oxford Street can’t compete with One Canada Square, the mall there is...

03rd Oct 2013
A man walks down Oxford Street, is he worried?

The Street Seen

This is a selection of street photography taken on the streets of London, mainly Oxford Street. London is a bustling city usually with something happening around every corner, in this...

24th Sep 2013
Art is Trash

Art is Trash

Spotted this after visiting the Photographers gallery just off Oxford Street, I think it is a reference to this guy Francisco de Pajaro who has been making mischief with the...

12th Sep 2013
A blur

Horsham Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a branch of Wing Chun that was formed after the death of Ip Man by one of his students Leung Ting. The main difference between Wing Tsun...

05th Sep 2013
A student delivers a kick during a 2 on 1 training drill

Choi Kwang Do at Horsham CKD

Choi Kwang Do was founded by Kwang Jo Choi on March 2, 1987. Kwang Jo Choi was born in South Korea before emigrating to Canada in the early 1970s. Choi...

15th Aug 2013

The Story of our tattoos..

Since the 1970s, tattoos have become a mainstream part of global and Western fashion, common among both sexes, to all economic classes, and to age groups from the later teen...

07th Aug 2013

Down on the beach..

If you go down to the beach today..make sure you take your rubbish with you when you leave.. To be honest most of these were probably dropped by accident but...

21st Jun 2013

Street scenes

Summer is here, well sort of anyway, the streets are lively and people are out and about. Well for a few days this week so was I, out and about...

08th Jun 2013

Urban Rewards

At the moment my time seems to be more stretched than usual. New baby, new house and new job are filling my time leaving less for photography and pretty much...

20th May 2013
Never too old

Bognor 10K run

This is a series of pictures of the runners in the Bognor 10K, I salute them for doing something I am entirely convinced I could not do!

17th May 2013

Chromoza Recordings Label Launch Party

Our sister site, Deep House Sounds was invited to the exclusive launch party of Chromoza Recordings at The Golden Bee in Shoreditch. DJ’s for the evening were Luca Elle, Thorsten...