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A series of landscapes and seascapes

Martial arts

Dean Street Designs visited a series of martial arts schools in the Horsham and Crawley areas of West Sussex

Dean Street Dining

The Dean Street Dining series showcases the independent restaurants of Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho


A series of portraits

Welcome to the Dean Street Designs photoblog, all images on this site are produced by Dean Street Designs. We hope you like what you see here. All images on the site are solely owned by Dean Street Designs and may not be shared or used for commercial purposes without attribution or permission. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
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Dean Street Designs

Photography and design are real passions for us, the art of photography is an ancient and ever evolving one. In recent times there has been an explosion in creativity with amazing images routinely being taken and shared with the world. The images you see here are special to us and will hopefully give you a sense of the world we live in and the work we do within it. Images will be added as often as we can take them and when we feel we have something particularly special to share.


Dean Street Designs

Adventures in design and photography

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27th Apr 2017


Met up with musician/producer Jerelle to get some shots for him to use for promotional material. We shot on quite a bright day which made it harder to get gritty...

13th Apr 2017

Pretty Boy Karma

Met up with X-Factor hopefuls Philip and Achilles, aka Pretty Boy Karma, to get some extra shots for their portfolio. You can follow their adventures on their Instagram page

05th Apr 2017


Met up with Roberto to get some new shots for his portfolio. Roberto was really easy to work with and we had a good laugh while shooting We had a...

28th Mar 2017


Met up with Emily to get some new head shots for her actors portfolio. We caught a lucky break with the weather, 10 minutes before we met up it was...

22nd Mar 2017


Met up with Julia to get some shots for her social media platforms, Julia is a YouTube star who makes videos on alt.goth lifestyles. You can see more about Julia...

16th Mar 2017


Met up with Giacomo to get some new shots for his portfolio, Giacomo contacted me after seeing my portfolio on Starnow and I am really glad he did as we...

14th Mar 2017

Method Man pt III

This is the third and final set of images from my shoot with the students of the London Film Academy on the set of their short film Method Man. I’d...

09th Mar 2017


Met up with Ben to get some shots for his actors portfolio, we shot in a couple of different locations with 3 different outfits. I think we got some really...

05th Mar 2017

Method Man Part II

This is the second in the series of images from the shoot with the students of the London Film Academy on the set of their production called Method Man

01st Mar 2017


Met up with Ryan to get some shots for his portfolio, Ryan is trying to break into modelling and I was looking for some smart alternative style images. I think...

27th Feb 2017

Method Man

Met up again with the students from the London Film Academy to shoot stills for another short film project entitled The Method Man. I shot with them over 2 days...

17th Feb 2017

Herself in the Heavens

Met up with Gabriella and her band mates, Connor, Frank and Josh to get some shots for their website and promotional material. We met at the Old Blue Last in...

08th Feb 2017

Aneta & Focu

Had the pleasure of meeting up for a second shoot with Aneta & Focu. This time we did a night shoot on the London Underground, using locations like Goodge Street,...

02nd Feb 2017


Met up with singer Sydney to get some get some head shots for her blog and my portfolio, she was looking for something with an 80s theme, so big earrings...

20th Jan 2017


Met up with Shane to get some new head shots for his portfolio. It was a really cold bright day but we were able to get a couple of different...

06th Jan 2017


For my first shoot of 2017 I met up with Daniel, an aspiring model and actor, to get some new portfolio images. We decided to go for a smart look...

28th Dec 2016


My last post of 2016 features singer/songwriter Alya who was looking for some images to use for promotional material for an upcoming EP. We used a couple of locations to...

13th Dec 2016

Reigate Martial Arts

Continuing the series of local martial arts clubs I visited Reigate Martial Arts to get some promotional shots for their different clubs. Reigate Martial Arts offer a wide range of...

01st Dec 2016


Met up with Gabriella to get some headshots and editorial fashion shots for both our portfolios, we used a couple of different locations to get some different looks. If you...

20th Nov 2016

The Affair – Part Two

Earlier in the month I was lucky enough to be selected to take stills for a student film production as they worked on a part of their course at the...