Martial arts Dean Street Dining Smoking Portraits Colours of Spring

Martial arts

Dean Street Designs visited a series of martial arts schools in the Horsham and Crawley areas of West Sussex

Dean Street Dining

The Dean Street Dining series showcases the independent restaurants of Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho

Smoking Portraits

A series of portraits of smokers

Colours of Spring

Well after a long wet winter, spring is here and we are getting used to sunny skies and longer brighter evening.

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Dean Street Designs

Photography and design are real passions for us, the art of photography is an ancient and ever evolving one. In recent times there has been an explosion in creativity with amazing images routinely being taken and shared with the world. The images you see here are special to us and will hopefully give you a sense of the world we live in and the work we do within it. Images will be added as often as we can take them and when we feel we have something particularly special to share.


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14th Sep 2015

Killer Noir

I’m starting a new portrait series, partially inspired by the film Bunraku, partially inspired by Quentin Tarantino and partially inspired by an image I couldn’t get out of my head,...

16th Aug 2015
Shades of Grey

Street Shooting

Being somewhat creatively bereft at the moment with no projects and a little bit of a block on what to do next, I went back to the streets to try...

07th Aug 2015

The Thirst

Took a stroll around to do some street photography and came across a fantastic band playing near Oxford Circus. Please check out The Thirst they sound fantastic live.

29th Jul 2015


A couple of days spent by the sea could easily have turned into a couple of weeks were it not for responsibility and the ever present need for money. I...

10th Jun 2015

Mundesley – one year on

Last year we took a week off to go to Norfolk, visiting the quaint coastal village of Mundesley. Despite the best efforts of the British weather we had a great...

14th May 2015

Food from 40 Dean Street

Following on from our photoshoot taken as part of the Dean Street Dining series, Dean Street Designs was commissioned to take images of food for 40 Dean Street. Below you...

17th Apr 2015
By the sea

Ferring by the sea

Time is a luxury item most of us cannot afford to buy these days, so when the opportunity presents itself to spend time doing something you love you have to...

19th Mar 2015
Emily Lee

Emily Lee

I took half a day off to go on a solo photo walk along the south bank of the Thames, I set out to take some long exposure images of...

10th Feb 2015

Smoking Portraits

This is a start of a new series of portraits, that will feature people smoking. Smoking and smokers get a lot of bad press, ultimately smoking is very bad for...

30th Jan 2015
Side Kick

Horsham Nam Pai Chuan

The Nam Pai Chuan style of martial art originates from the Shaolin temples in both northern and southern China, and is now taught at centres around the world. They employ...

25th Jan 2015
40 Dean Street

Dean Street Dining – 40 Dean Street

The 9th restaurant featuring in the Dean Street Dining series is Forty Dean Street, previously known as the Zilli Bar. Forty Dean Street is an Italian Restaurant serving a variety...

03rd Jan 2015
Pleased to meet you

Leicester Square at Christmas

Christmas is a busy and exciting time in London, Leicester Square especially. It is transformed into a winter playground of fairground rides, food stalls and games.

06th Dec 2014
Cây Tre

Dean Street Dining – Cây Tre

Cây Tre is the eighth restaurant in the Dean Street Dining series and is a Vietnamese restaurant with a modern style where bright and clean becomes warm and cosy as...

29th Nov 2014
Warm Glow

Dean Street Dining – Duck Soup

The seventh restaurant in the Dean Street Dining series found us in Duck Soup a small space that manages to be both chic and cosy at the same time. Warm...

19th Nov 2014

Dean Street Dining – Rosa’s Thai Cafe

The 6th restaurant in the Dean Street Dining Series is the Thai restaurant Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Rosa’s opened in 2010 and is a warm welcoming restaurant with a really homely...

14th Nov 2014

Dean Street Dining – Tonkotsu

The fifth restaurant in the Dean Street Dining series is the Ramen Bar Tonkotsu. Tonkotsu takes its name from a particular type of Ramen typically served in the southern island...

05th Nov 2014
Dining Noir

Dean Street Dining – The Red Fort

The fourth restaurant featured in the Dean Street Dining series is the Indian Restaurant, The Red Fort. Established in 1983 the restaurant has won numerous awards since its opening, including...

15th Oct 2014
Two Static Elements

Serenity of the Sea

Being by the sea can be a profound experience, you can witness the whole spectrum of natures emotions, anger, sadness, calm and joy can all be found here. I went...

03rd Oct 2014
Chefs At Work

Dean Street Dining – Soho Joe’s

The Dean Street Dining series continues with our third restaurant, Soho Joe’s. Soho Joe’s is a well established Italian style restaurant in the centre of Dean Street, it offers excellent...

19th Sep 2014
In the oven

Dean Street Dining – Pizza Pilgrims

The second installment of the Dean Street Dining project took me to Pizza Pilgrims, located on the corner of Dean Street somewhat ironically opposite Pizza Express. Pizza Pilgrims is the...