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A series of landscapes and seascapes

Martial arts

Dean Street Designs visited a series of martial arts schools in the Horsham and Crawley areas of West Sussex

Dean Street Dining

The Dean Street Dining series showcases the independent restaurants of Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho


A series of portraits

Welcome to the Dean Street Designs photoblog, all images on this site are produced by Dean Street Designs. We hope you like what you see here. All images on the site are solely owned by Dean Street Designs and may not be shared or used for commercial purposes without attribution or permission. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
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Dean Street Designs

Photography and design are real passions for us, the art of photography is an ancient and ever evolving one. In recent times there has been an explosion in creativity with amazing images routinely being taken and shared with the world. The images you see here are special to us and will hopefully give you a sense of the world we live in and the work we do within it. Images will be added as often as we can take them and when we feel we have something particularly special to share.


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Adventures in design and photography

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24th Oct 2016

Theatre Production Post 3

This is the last of three posts from my series taken at a theatrical production in March, you can see the first two posts here and here I had a...

21st Oct 2016

Theatre Production Post 2

This is the second of three posts from my series taken at a theatrical production in March, you can see the first post here I had a really good day...

18th Oct 2016

Theatre Production Post 1

Back in March I was offered the chance to spend the day shooting behind the scenes and promotional stills for a theatre production which was going to be offered as...

12th Oct 2016


The day after the 3 Timber Owls shoot I met up with Jay to do a test shoot, I was looking for some moody noir shots and Jay was looking...

11th Oct 2016
3 Timber Owls

3 Timber Owls

Met up with the guys from 3 Timber Owls who kindly agreed to let me take some photos of them playing an acoustic set in a local forest. We weren’t...

06th Oct 2016


This week I met up with actress Marina who was looking for some new head shots for her portfolio. This series is unusual in that for the first time in...

28th Sep 2016


Met up with Lilli for a shoot to get some head shots for both our portfolios, we didn’t have much time to work but we had a theme and an...

22nd Sep 2016


Met up with dancer and model Tarek to get some shots for his (and my) portfolio, he wanted to get some shots of his new look and some good shots...

07th Sep 2016


Met up with Focu to get some dark film noir style images, something that would be suitable for a film poster. The challenge on this shoot was to create the...

04th Sep 2016


Met up with aspiring model Azy who was looking to add some more professional style shots to his portfolio. We shot in a couple of different locations with a couple...

29th Aug 2016


Met up with Sonja, she was looking for some new portraits and I was looking to get some new high key head shots. I tried some different lighting techniques and...

27th Jul 2016

Kay Couture

This week I met up with stylist and fashion blogger Kay Couture to get some new images for a blog post. The shoot featured a few different costume changes and...

21st Jul 2016


Met up with Jean-Pierre who braved bright sunshine and the hottest day of the year to get some cool head shots. It was a really good shoot although the conditions...

17th Jul 2016


I’ve been a fan of martial arts for a long time. I’ve visited a number of different clubs to take photos, I’ve trained briefly at a few as well. One...

11th Jul 2016


On Friday I met up with Leo-Marie to get some head shots for her actors portfolio. Was a really good shoot and we managed to get a lot done in...

07th Jul 2016

Clothing by Lisha

On Tuesday evening I met up with clothing designer/maker Lisha Gill and model Yasmin Benoit to get some shots of some outfits by Lisha’s. You can find more of Lisha’s...

30th Jun 2016

Benefit for Mind featuring Ragga Twins

On Saturday 25th at Mirth, Marvel and Maud in aid of the Charity Mind, organised by Byrdout, I was privileged to be allowed full access to stage as DJ Theodor...

21st Jun 2016


Met up with Kiraly to get some headshots and try some different locations and looks than I’ve done previously. Had a hard time choosing the images to post as I...

16th Jun 2016


I recently met up with Sabean to get some head shots for her actors profile, we were lucky to avoid the rain and managed to get some different looks against...

09th Jun 2016

McKenzie BJJ

Continuing the series on local martial arts clubs I recently had the chance to spend an evening watching the students at McKenzie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu work through a class. BJJ...